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Interview with a Battlefield tour guide

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Paul Reed, a battlefield tour historian gives a moving 15 minute interview on his job as a battlefield tour guide. From the emotional experiences of taking relatives to the spots were ancestors fell to bringing home the experience of a battlefield within its own physical space in a way that no history book can provide.

A useful resource that serves as a delightful companion to our own documentary on the Somme Battlefield tour we produced last year. He is Head Guide at Leger Holidays who arrange regular tours for not only World War One, but World War Two and the Peninsula war here in Spain as well, for those of you who found their interest peaked by the stories we shared, it is possible to arrange similar tips to experience these place for yourself.

Click on the photo to listen to the interview via Soundcloud, or click here

Click here to visit the Leger Holidays Battlefield Tour site

To read about our tour of the Somme and listen to our documentary click here

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The story of the tomb of the Unknown Solider can be read here

The Lost Clauses original song "Some Foreign Field" produced for the show, it is now available on Youtube.

Music written by Donald Barnett, Words and arrangement by Merrick Wells. Acoustic Guitar Donald Barnett Electric Guitar Benjamin Ansell Trumpet Miguel Ángel Laita Chóliz Keyboards, Vocals & Programming Merrick Wells

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