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"Iceberg! Dead Ahead!"

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

The Titanic is an enduring story that stubbornly fails to fade with history. What is it about the disaster that captures the imagination so? The tragedy of a maiden voyage disaster? The horror of the lost souls? The hubris that led to not enough lifeboats? The horrendous Celine Dion wailing?

Well, until April 2nd in Zaragoza, you can find out as the Titanic exhibition is in port at the Cesar Augusta shopping centre. A chance to walk the passageways of the great ship, to experience the plush luxury of the State Rooms and the simplicity of the steerage bunks.

The exhibition takes you on a journey using large backlit photographs, display cabinets with genuine articles from the ship's tragic short life, models and reconstructions; all delivered with an audio guide complete with soundtrack. From the laying of the first plates in the construction of the leviathan in Belfast through to the discovery of the wreck. In between those two extremes you are introduced to the ship itself and given painful stories of family tragedy and loss that will bring tears to your eyes.

Letters from the ship and touching stories that put the contrived drama of the film to shame tug at your heartstrings as you make your way through the displays. A popular interactive exhibit is the “iceberg”. A frozen wall that you are invited to place your hand on to see how long you can withstand the sub-zero temperatures of the North Atlantic. It gives you a chance to understand the speed in which you would succumb to hypothermia in the water.

Even the gift shop throws up some surprises with reproductions of White Star Line crockery, Bed covers, floor mats and towels. In fact we now entertain guests with White Star Line plates in our house!

The Bulldog team obviously recommend you use the English audio option on your visit and encourage anyone with a fascination for the ill-fated Titanic to take the chance to enjoy this impressive, informative and emotive exhibition.

The price can feel a bit Titanic at first, but it varies depending on time of day and the week and the cut away scale model is worth the admission fee alone. If any of you can spot why the Bulldog team know the model maker was Spanish (and we don't mean the plaque with his name and city) we will provide a special prize.

Give yourself around 90 minutes to enjoy the exhibition without rushing and make sure you make time to do so before the ship sails onto the next city.

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