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Dead Air Episode 2.2 Methane means Methane

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The year approaches an end and the trio come together to celebrate Christmas and look back at the year in typical Bulldog style, that is, without style...

We cover the Olympics, Cupping, celebrity deaths, the Oscars, Portugal's impressive efforts in the field of renewable energy and drug legalisation, Brexit, Trump (inevitably), Pokemon Go, solar powered flight, almost something exciting about space missions and just how awful the Independence Day sequel really was....

The link to the Two Ronnies "Fork Handles/Four Candles" sketch can be watched here

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this year long testing we have been carrying out, we will continue next year, as we bring you a wider variety of programmes and start to expand our website.

It only remains for us to wish all our listeners, contributors, friends, family and colleagues a very happy Christmas and we will speak again in the New Year

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