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Hey You Guys!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

"I feel like it should be snowing outside"

The Bulldog team can confirm that attending The Goonies 30th Anniversary Original Version showing at Cinema Palafox in early December was what a true cinematic experience should be. We have forgotten how much fun communal enjoyment of a much loved film can be.

Our pre film prep involved Ben making some important American snack style purchases prior to entering the cinema and the toffee butter popcorn, Twinkies and Dr. Pepper were not long for this world. Before the Goonies had even ordered their dark stained tap waters from the Fratellis we were snack-less and laughing along with the cream of Zaragoza geekdom.

Ben and myself were particularly enthusiastic about this event as our dear Claire has led such a sheltered upbringing that she has missed most films that our generation has seen. This was her first viewing of The Goonies and she was laughing along with the rest of the auditorium once the gang was all together.

We all agreed that this is what a cinema experience should be....magical

The Goonies actually holds up under adult scrutiny relatively well. The acting might not be top notch, the effects are unconvincing, the script is riddled with innuendo and the plot full of more holes than the floor underfoot in the bones room (I mean, the Goon Docks is a gorgeous town and would clearly make the most impractical golf course in the world...ever), but it is more than nostalgia that holds you through, it is heart warming and a rollicking good ride.

Towards the end as Data's father states that Data is the best invention he ever made, both Ben and myself shared a moment of "Aaaahhhh" which passed long over our heads as children but the film filled us with a warm fuzzy glow that reached a pinnacle as the cinema applauded upon the close. As the house lights came up and people began to shuffle toward the exit, there was something different. Groups of people huddled together to chat, disparate friends idly sidled up to each other to exchange memories as the credits rolled. Claire gave the film a solid positive thumbs up and thoroughly enjoyed it. We made our way to the door as Claire said "I feel like it should be snowing when we get outside" as we all agreed that this is what a cinema experience should be....magical.

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