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Easter - The Greatest Story

Easter, the most significant week in the Christian calendar, is a time of reflection, contemplation, redemption and salvation alongside the horror and brutality of a wicked execution and a betrayal. We explore some of our thoughts on this powerful and painful week in some of our articles and resources and if you are uncertain of the timetable of the Easter week we have provided a fantastic timeline of the events of the holy week as well.

The Etymology of Easter

Charly investigates the etymology of some of the unique vocabulary of the Easter week in this Interesting Etymology Special. Learn about where the word Easter comes from. What does Maundy mean? Why do we give eachotehr Easter Eggs and what is the story behind the word Holy among others. Click on the video or check out the article here

Jesus Christ Superstar

The Rock Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice is an enduring modern telling of the Easter story that explores the motivations and struggles of some of the villians of the piece, such as Judas, Pilate and the Jewish priest class. Click on the picture to read more of the story of Jesus Christ Superstar. 

Playing the Passion

Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" was a contraversial project for many reasons, but at the core is the performance of Jim Caviezel. To listen to the actor who played Jesus, speak of being struck by lightening on set, being accidentally scourged during shooting, suffering pneumonia and hypothermia, having his shoulder separated, actually suffering asphyxiation on the cross and then undergoing heart surgery after filming; is to be spellbound by the commitment he had to the role. He confesses to not wanting to deliver "the passion of the mediocre". Learn more about plaing the passion in this article

He is risen

The Roman detective story of a tribune tasked with locating the body of recently executed Jesus is a rare example of Hollywood doing the Bible right. It works as an outstanding companion piece to Gibson's Passion. An ambitious human drama blended with religious transendence, a detective story and costume drama with Joseph Fiennes on the case. Read our review here

The Drums...the drums

In our podcast "Dead Air" we discussed Easter traditions in both Britain and Spain. Click here to get access to the podcast and resources or use the video link alongside. 

No news day

On Good Friday 1930 the BBC announced something truly extraordinary, there was no news and they played some music in place of the news bulletin. Read more about what really did happen that Good Friday here

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Handy Holy Week Timeline

Consult this wonderful Holy Week timeline to be sure you can navigate the events of Easter.

holy week timeline.jpg
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