The dead

Mark Oldfield


Madrid, 1982: The dictator is finally dead but his one-time favourite secret policeman is back in the capital for one last job. Years of exile have left their mark on Comandante Leopoldo Guzmán and all he wants is out. But he needs money first... and what better way to get it than blackmail? After all, he knows better than anyone where all the bodies are buried.

Madrid, 2010: Forensic Investigator Ana María Galindez has been tracking Comandante Guzmán by the trail of dead he left behind him: 15 tangled corpses in a disused mine, three skeletons in a sealed cellar in the Basque country. Guzmán is the key to unlocking some of Spain's darkest secrets and she's determined to track him down.

But Guzmán and Galindez are about to discover they are on the same lethal trajectory. There are those who will do anything keep the past buried and the dead undisturbed.


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