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Titanic Tales 


Titanic Tales 

Abrahim, Mrs. Mary Sophie Halaut (née Easu)

Passenger: 3rd Class


9 Feb 1894

Shwayhad, Syria


10 Dec 1976

Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA




Mrs Wassūf Ibrāhīm (Sāfiyah Hālūt-Mariyam, aka Sophie Abrahim) was born in Shwayhad, Syria on 10 February 1894. OMrs Wassūf Ibrāhīm (Sāfiyah Hālūt-Mariyam, aka Sophie Abrahim) was born in Shwayhad, Syria on 10 February 1894. Orphaned while very young she went to live with her married sister Ayn al-Rāhib. Sāfiyah was married to Wassūf Ibrāhīm Hālūt at a young age and had her daughter Zakīyah, on 9 August 1908. 

The couple planned to emigrate to the USA but left their daughter in the care of her family but upon arrival at Ellis Island in New York Sāfiyah was refused entry due to an eye infection. She was advised by relatives in America to travel to Trinidad rather than return to Syria and attempt to enter the US again. Her eye condition once again prevented her entry and she returned to Syria. Meanwhile her husband Wassūf had found work in Pennsylvania. 

Sāfiyah boarded Titanic from Cherbourg to join her husband. On the night of the collision she joined the throngs of third class passengers before finding a place on possibly collapsible C. She was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital and given assistance to complete her passage to Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Her husband was apparntly not even aware she was on the Titanic

To help their transition into their new life the couple changed their names to Joseph and Sophie Abraham and had a son, Zackie Halaut  on 4 October 1913. Their daughter was married and moved to Trinidad and raised a large family. She was not reunited with her parents until 1947 and eventually died in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1994. Joseph died in 1952 and Zackie in 1975.

Sophie never wanted to discuss the events of that night and passed away on 11 December 1976.  







Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Primary source : Encyclopaedia Titanica 

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