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Wolferton Splash

Episode Summary

Prince Philip of Greece renounces his foreign titles to marry Princess Elizabeth, elder daughter of George VI. Winston Churchill returns to the role of Prime Minister. Elizabeth is also asked to keep a secret, as her sister Margaret admits she is in love with a commoner, Peter Townsend.


November 1947 - December 1951

November 20, 1947: Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten.
October 20, 1951: Winston Churchill begins his second tenure as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.



Princess Elizabeth

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth

King George VI

Princess Margaret

Queen Mary

Clemmie Churchill

Winston Churchill

Anthony Eden

Prince Charles

Lord Salisbury

Peter Townsend

Clement Atlee

Lord Mountbatten

Cecil Beaton

Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark

Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester

Tommy Lascelles

Martin Charteris

Claire Foy

Matt Smith

Victoria Hamilton

Jared Harris

Vanessa Kirby

Eileen Atkins

Harriet Walter

John Lithgow

Jeremy Northam

Billy Jenkins

Clive Francis

Ben Miles

Simon Chandler

Greg Wise

Mark tandy

Rosalind Knight

Andy Sanderson

Pip Torrens

Harry Hadden-Paton

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