The First of December

December 1, 2019

December 1st : Themes for celebration and contemplation




As December gets underway, we all know that we are now in the countdown to Christmas, otherwise known as Advent. This will probably mean a daily chocolate treat as we feel our excitement and anticipation for Christmas Day growing.


If you are looking for some themes and points of interest to add to your advent countdown, the Bulldogz Christmas spirit is in full flow and we can provide you with some of the fun, serious and little known points of celebration for each day on this magical countdown.


December 1


Antarctica Day

Inaugurated in 2010 to celebrate the signing of the Antarctic treaty on December 1st 1959 for "the interests of science and progress of all mankind". This celebration was initiated by the Foundation for Good Governance of International Spaces as an annual event to build global awareness of this effort for peace and hope for the future.


The British Antarctic Survey have a collection of teaching resources on Antarctic and the Antarctic treaty here