A torrid dual on the feast of the dragon slayer

April 30, 2019

Brits left despondent after astonishing fight back is cancelled out


Los Británicos (1) 4

Peribañz 3, Bosqued


Los Olivios (3) 7



Parque Ebro 23/04/19 13:30


Wells, Rooney, Ferns, Verenka, Gilman, Shaw, Preibañez, Bosqued






A strange affair twas this. A Sunday league game played on a Tuesday, but not just any Tuesday, this was St. George’s Day. A chance for the English knights bedecked in gleaming white to rise up and slay the Olive toned dragon. The weather was overcast and heavy with the portent of rain. The team was a rag tag compilation. Easter holidays having sucked the marrow and stripped the muscle from the bone of the exil