Improved English pronunciation: best tools and techniques

April 2, 2019

Regional accents are a nightmare to navigate, for natives as well as students. The most clearly understandable form of English is RP or ‘Received Pronunciation.’

RP is also known as Standard English, as it uses clear and concise pronunciation, stress and intonation making it more universally understandable, for this reason it is also described as ‘regionally neutral’ meaning it is difficult to place the origin of the speaker. RP doesn’t use slang or dialectical language, making it less exclusive and confusing. It is also known as BBC English as the clear annunciation of vocabulary is synonymous with the diction of BBC reporters on the TV and radio.


RP used to be an exclusive asset of the upper classes, but after the second World War more opportunities became available to the general public. At this time the BBC was the Nations most loved and reliable platform and the voices that came through the radio and later telephone needed to be clear and easily understandable.


A standard English ac