English self-study: 6 essential tools

March 13, 2019

It can be difficult to maintain your enthusiasm for the English language when faced with the same dull textbook. Learning a language can easily become a borefest.

However, there are many ways to keep the love alive, one is to have a dedicated time and space for ‘English’ so you have an established routine. Another is to keep it fun and interesting, there are many ways to do this, but the tools you use are essential. Here are a handful of Bulldogz recommendations to keep your English journey entertaining.


Tube quizard


Tubequizard utilises YouTube videos with subtitles to generate quizzes. It is an exceptional tool, with the front page populated with established quizzes you can search according to level, what element you want to practise for example grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and spelling or language type such as business, education, news, music and so on.

The video is displayed on the right of the screen while a quiz based on the subtitled transcript is on the left in the form of a gap fill exercise. A ‘calculate score’ button at the bottom allows you to monitor your progress.

The ‘Train with your video’ tab allows you to word search YouTube for any video on any given topic, as long as it has subtitles and instantly generate a gap fill exercise.

Fantastic exercise for listening, vocabulary and general comprehension with an infinite variety of native resources. 



You’ve probably seen the ads, Grammarly is a google product and has benefited from their campaign power. However, the ads don’t do it much justice. It is far more than just a spellchecker. As a plugin, Grammarly operates inside your browser (although there is also a