Superhero saturation?

March 9, 2019

Ross asks if the superhero genre has reached its peak






I love a superhero or at least the idea as much as the last person. When I was young I had the usual dream, I wanted the ability to fly like Superman, scale walls and buildings like Spiderman and even move things with my mind. But has our obsession with all things superhero, much like the Hulk's rage, got a little out of control?


In the last decade the trend of superhero movies of all shapes and sizes has exploded, with enormous blockbusters flying, shooting and teleporting all over our screens and there seems no end in sight. Maybe it is just me but I wonder what all the fuss is about .... It's not like there's a national day or anything... oh wait..... April 28th is national superhero day in the United States so what do I know?

The superhero universe appears to have reached global appeal. Women, men, children, adults of all walks of life are finding themselves itching to see the latest version of comic book characters burst onto the big screen. So what's changed? Growing up the use of words like nerd and geek were throw around willy nilly and often had a negative context, implying the person was uncool and often due to their choices of past time or field of expert knowledge. Reading comics and being into fantasy worlds was seen as a lonely and solitary activity. Now there are conventions and events where people (vast nu