10 'Philes' and their weird obsessions

December 17, 2018


Philia is an ancient Greek term often translated as ‘brotherly love’ and sometimes ‘friendship’ or ‘affection’ however, it can be more than just that, you might call it an ‘obsessive love.’ The complete opposite, an irrational fear of something, is known as a phobia.


A person under the spell of a ‘philia’ is known as a -phile e.g bibliophile, chocophile or zoophile. You can create the adjective by using -philic e.g bibliophilic, chocophilic or zoophilic and the adjectives can be converted into adverbs with -ly.


People have some weird philias. Here’s the Bulldog pick of philias strange enough to give you philiaphobia.


Arachibutyrophilia – clack, clack...know that sensation when peanut butter sticks in your mouth? If it gives you pleasure beyond the taste, perhaps you’re an arachibutyrophile.


Didaskaleinophilia – have you ever had that dream that you're in school, naked? If the best part of that dream is that you’re in school, perhaps this is your philia. Didaskaleinophiles are obsessed with school. The uniforms, the learning, the wedgies, simply heaven.


Eptroctophilia – some people are possessed by paraphilias, a philia that causes sexual arousal. Eptroctophiles are aroused by flatulence...just let that hang there for a while.

Forniphilia – another paraphilia, this one could have you scanning the room for suspicious looking lamps or inspecting what you’re sitting on. Forniphiles are obsessed with the idea of becoming human furniture and derive pleasure from being ‘inanimate.’