Man becomes 'literally Hitler'

September 5, 2018


In a defiant personal struggle, one man rallies against the internet




A man has taken on the identity, in name, of the infamous leader of the National Socialist party. Following a series of online debates which ended with Mr Hitler of Shrewsbury (previous name Brian Franco) being accused of being 'literally Hitler' he decided to take action. "I'd noticed a trend in debate forums and down the pub, or anywhere I expressed an opinion that was contrary to what was popular, that people would just call me 'literally Hitler' and log off" he explains "it was the same with my girlfriend, she'd want to watch 'walking dead' when there was a decent documentary on BBC 2 when I'd explain it was my TV she would 'literally Hitler' me and storm off."


Mr Hitler had become alarmed by this growing trend in accusation, noting that it was usually accompanied by a combination or entire string of other explosive accusations such as fascist, racist, bigot, flat-earther or brexiteer. Brian headed to the deep corners of the internet looking for answers, he found solace in t