English tourist shocked to find entire city closed

August 23, 2018




An English tourist has survived a 'holiday nightmare' after visiting Zaragoza, the fifth largest city in Spain only to find it completely deserted. Barry Wigan, 43, from Warrington, has described his experience as "bloody typical."


"We wanted to go somewhere different like, because everyone's always banging on about Barcelona and Madrid, we saw this article in the Guardian about Zaragoza and it sounded dead good" he said. "We noticed things were wrong as soon as we landed, the Spanish folk started clapping, I guessed they're about 20 years behind over there so maybe the whole plane thing was a bit more impressive. We never saw those people again, I stepped outside and it was 40 degrees. I couldn't believe it, I like it hot but it was ridiculous, I had to have a sit down, when I got up again, they'd all disappeared."


Barry and his wife had booked a week in the Hotel Toro in the c