The Jaws Effect : The murky depths of imagination

May 15, 2018

Jaws rewrote the rule book for cinema, it also turned out to be a devastating and  disastrous PR campaign for Sharks




The film that is credited as birthing modern blockbuster cinema is almost 45 years old. The story of the making of the film is steeped in lore. A mere B-Movie monster flick helmed by a young director, an exploitation of a tense net curtain twitching novel with a man eating shark setting the backdrop for a tale of infidelity and mistrust, but the animatronic shark was unreliable and looked unconvincing. The result is now cinema history, a monster movie where the monster did not turn up until the final reel, allowing the audience to indulge in their most profound imagined fears. The blending of the instincts of Hitchock and the spectacle of Speilberg. The lasting legacy of the film that made Spielberg a Hollywood giant, extends far beyond the silver screen, it has had a devastating impact on both human and shark