Operation Black Buck

April 7, 2018

An extraordinary mission, utilising pre cold war technology, in a bombing raid that saw warplanes ready for the scrapheap fly across the globe to strike at the heart of an invasion force. This is the story of Operation Black Buck 



People are familiar with the stories of the dam buster raid & the bravery of the RAF fighter command during the Battle of Britain; but the extraordinary story of Operation Black Buck is overlooked in the RAF chronicles. A bombing raid that defied logic and sense to enable Britain to provide a first response to the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands.


The Falklands conflict has a complicated history and genesis that could occupy an article of it's own, but on April 2nd 1982 Argentina mounted a swift invasion of the island territories in the South Atlantic and Britain mustered a Navy task force on April 5th to take back the islands. 


In the meantime, there was a desire to provide a rapid retaliatory strike for moral and psychological purposes, let alone potential strategic impacts. The RAF were keen to provide options to the political leadership, especially in the light of devastating spending cu