Fake News

April 1, 2018



April 1st is the day when international press openly admit to publishing fake news. The rest of the year they are more careful about the deception



April Fools is widely recognised in the non Hispanic world as a day for japes and jest in an attempt to sucker the gullible into believing fantastical tales. In the United Kingdom the tradition is said to have derived from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales while other countries claim differing origins. Behaviour extends from outlandish tales to full blown pranks, but it is generally understood in British culture that the joke must be played before midday otherwise it is considered to have backfired. the custom has been embraced by brands and companies as an indulgent type of marketing as well as media attempts to get one over on their public.


The media have developed a fine standing tradition of providing the public with fake news all year round, but on April 1st, we celebrate the practise openly, so here are some of the more outrageous and successful pranks from the archive:


In 1698, several people were fooled into turning up at the Tower of London to watch