I’ve never wronged an onion, so why does it make me cry?

March 12, 2018




Sir Kenneth Arthur Dodd,  8 November 1927 - 11 March 2018


Ken Dodd was a variety show performer who brought a rare brand of surreal comedy to the stage, screen and charts. Visually original, comically unique he was famed for his epic, gag bound, non-stop performances and extraordinary 60 year career.


Kenneth was born 8 November 1927 in Knotty Ash, Liverpool, Lancashire the town he would loyally live and die in. A town filled with "jam butty mines" and "black pudding plantations" as he later described in his show.  He would walk backwards to the Knotty Ash School, and sang in the local church choir of St John's Church. One day he was struck by an advert in a comic: "Fool your teachers, amaze your friends—send 6d in stamps and become a ventriloquist!" it was his calling. Noticing his interest, his Father a part-time saxophonist and clarinetist, bought him his first ventriloquist dummy “my Father knew I was going to be a comedian, when I was born he said ‘is this a joke!” The genesis was not quite complete, a school friend goaded him