The Early Riser

December 13, 2017


Keith Chegwin 17 January 1957 - 11 December 2017


The effervescent TV presenter who featured in the hearts of generations of Children's TV viewers has died from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. 


Born in Walton, Liverpool to Margaret (nee Wells) and Colin Chegwin. He had a twin brother, Jeffrey and his sister Janice, was to become the well known DJ Janice Long. He was singing on working men's club stages by the age of 11 and was spotted by Phil Collins' mother, June, who invited him to audition for a role in the West End musical Mame. (1969). He landed the part but was unable to perform due to licensing laws so ended up training at the Barabra Speake Stage School that June Collins worked with. 


Chegwin had a moderate degree of success as a child actor, appearing in various TV shows and even playing Fleance in the Polanski 1971 film version of Hamlet. Yet it was a "man of the people" exuberant TV presenter that he is to be remembered. 


He was asked to fulfil a co presenter role on the seventies Saturday morning behemoth Multi Coloured Swap Shop alongside Noel Edmonds after pitching an idea for a Children'