After August: The Sacrificial Glam

December 18, 2017

August Ames (Mercedes Grabowski) 23 August 1994 – 5 December 2017



August Ames was a a superstar of the pornographic film world who starred in nearly 300 films before being found dead by hanging in December 2017 at the tender age of 23. It is the circumstances that led to her death that have driven the intense coverage and outrage.


Ames was born in Nova Scotia but raised in Colorado Springs, in a military family. Her three year career as a pornographic actress had led to awards and a massive following. In the days before her tragic suicide she became embroiled in a twitter controversy that has been blamed for her decision to take her life. She had decided to not perform in a video that would have involved working with a bisexual male performer. This launched a tirade of accusations of homophobia which rapidly escalated to calls for her to take her own life.