Quizine - A question of food

January 28, 2017

In this week's feature (he says overconfidently in the first ever edition) we will be asking one of Spain's most divisive culinary questions, the answer to which can end relationships, separate families and ruin lives. Prepare yourself as we bite into the crunchy exterior and expose the deliciousness within – 'which croqueta....is better?'



Excuse me sir, what is a croqueta?



You poor, brave child. Has your tongue not known such pleasure? A croqueta or as we say in English Croquette (which is actually French) is a small, let's say 'ball' of deep-fried breadcrumbs that make up the exterior, filled with a variety of different things the base of which is bechemel. Filled with cheeses, ham, seafood, vegetables, you name it...and perfectly accompanied by a glass of red.


With an authentic maña (girl from Zaragoza) hired for the evening, I hit the streets of Zaragoza to explore the local competition.


La croqueta de mi madre/mujer/novia - the croquette at my Nan's/girlfriends/'insert matriarch' house

Ok, ok. I know. This ain't no restaurant,