The War for Orwell

September 10, 2017

A recent war of words has erupted on twitter over who can claim the hypothetical allegiances of the political author Eric Blair, (better known as George Orwell). Paul Joseph Watson, Editor at Large for Infowars was attacked for ridiculing the claim of the modern day agitprop street gang, ‘Antifa’ 







Orwell travelled to Spain in 1936 to fight against the Franco uprising but did not join the International Brigade, but rather the Marxist POUM (Partido Obrero de Unification Marxista). He was clear in his writing that his reasoning was to join the struggle against “morally calamitous” fascism.  The POUM believed that for the Republic to triumph over Franco the people had to “overthrow” capitalism, whereas the Soviet-backed Communists believed a coalition with bourgeoise parties would be the most effective way to win the war. In spite of the fact that in his own observations he felt the Communists “were getting on with the war while we and the Anarchists were standing still'. He considered that “the revolutionary purism of the POUM…seemed (to me) rather futile...the one thing that mattered was to win the war.” Not only did he survive a sniper bullet to the throat in combat he then escaped the Stalinist purge of June 1937 in Barcelona as he and his wife Eileen managed to reach the relative safety of France after being targeted for removal.