Love Fools

February 14, 2017



Valentine's Day is here again and whether you are single, in a relationship or married, this annual commercial event comes round as the fixed point in time on the war of the sexes schedule.


Here is our series of handy hints to help people survive the gauntlet that is Feb 14th.




Students of School Age


We are sorry, mass marketing and efficient social pressures have made this a day to be loathed by people in their pre-adolescent or mid puberty angst. If you are pretty/handsome and popular or lucky enough to have a boyfriend/girlfriend at this age, Valentine’s Day feels like a Victory Parade. Public displays of Consumerism…I mean, Affection, which reaffirm your standing and desirability while others bow to your wonder.


But this is a small number indeed. The cruel twist to Valentine’s Day is that having a known admirer to potentially buy your gifts or send you a card is not enough of a potential consumer base for the corporate machine, so people are encouraged to believe it is a day to send anonymous tokens of affection. This ensures most sensitive adolescents are disappointed before they even leave home to make their way to School. The postman, be he real or digital, failing to deliver anything to the crushed ego.


If you do receive such a token, you are then wracked with uncertainty as to who it might be. It is almost always going to not be the person you have a crus