Toothbrush & Typewriter : The scoop of the century.

January 11, 2017


Clare Hollingworth 10 October 1911 - 10 January 2017


August 1939, German troops poised to invade Poland, somewhere in their midst a female reporter poised ‘T & T’ (toothbrush and typewriter) ready to capture the moment that would change world history. Decades later in Tiananmen Square, the same woman now approaching her 80’s can be seen hanging from a lamp post in pursuit of a better view of the crackdown.


Clare Hollingworth was born on a farm in Leicester on 10 October 1911, a charming country setting overcast by the outbreak of WWI. Raised in this polemic environment, Hollingworth was to spend her long life courting chaos, waltzing through warzones, the safari suit clad embodiment of a fearless generation. Watching the German bombers buzz over the farm  on their way to devastate Lou