Come Again?

August 5, 2016

The Brits are well-known for their insincerity and inability to 'tell it like it is,' a character trait that seems


to have dissipated as the English language travelled across the pond to our straight-talking American cousins.

What is often referred to as British politeness is actually a social disease that prevents us from speaking directly. Why do we talk so much about the weather? When a British person talks about the weather, they are talking about anything but the weather, a cunning technique to talk about the most taboo topic in Britain next to dogging and Morris dancing without a license, 'feelings.' The very thought of talking openly about ones feelings can force a Brit to self-administer Chinese burns. So, we use the weather. Take this exchange for example:




Dave: How's it going fella?

Gary: Oh not bad, better once this rain has eased up.

Dave: Ah it's not so bad, fine rain, we'll not have any floods.

Gary: Well, we'll see, last time it was like this my geraniums were dead within a week.


Is this exchange about rain? No.

Gary is feeling blue, he introduces the weather as common ground where two men can comfortably talk about feelings without actually talking about feelings. Dave tries to reassure him, suggesting 'yeah maybe it is bad, b