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Present Simple Grammar Guide


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Further Functions

We use the Present Simple to:

  • give instructions and directions


This is often done using words to signify the order of instructions, such as: first, second, then, lastly, etc.


Giving Directions

You catch the number 23 bus and get off at the stop after the harbour.

Giving Instructions

First, open the paper and then read the questions carefully. Write your answers on the answer paper. Do not write on the question paper.

  • tell stories and giving commentaries


The present simple can often be used to describe a series of actions in order. This is especially true in narratives.

Ben doesn't like the cold, but he takes the dog out for a walk anyway. The neighbours know he is out as the dog barks at everything and everyone.

The present simple is used to give sports commentary to report on actions as they occur

Gilman passes to Morris. The defender fouls him but the referee waves play on and Keane scores!

  • performative utterances

We can use the present simple with verbs that "perform" the act that they describe (Performative Utterances)

I promise to study harder

I don't agree with you

This use is also seen in legal or formal language

I attach the documents for your review

I write to confirm receipt of your resignation

(a formal alternative to I'm writing to confirm....)

  • Newspaper headlines

The present simple is often used in news headlines to report events in the past. This emphasis immediacy and provides a sense of drama

Dog eats homework

US delegation arrives in London

Manager quits at half time



That these uses can be understood as statements of truth or fact. As explained in the basic functions of the present simple here

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