Present Perfect 2

Present Perfect Grammar Guide

Further Functions

Particular words can be used with the present perfect to give specific context or extra meaning. We can approach these by looking at these words in pairs.

  • Been & Gone

Been is the participle of be or go

Gone is the participle of go

Been is used to describe a visit/journey that you have completed and furthermore you have returned.

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Gone is used to describe a one way journey. The subject has not returned

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Been & Gone is an expression which describes the idea that someone has come somewhere but then has already departed. Note that the "point of narrative" in this structure is different to the previous uses

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When we ask about past experiences we use been

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  • For & Since

For is used to talk about the duration of an activity

Since is used to refer to the moment an activity started

For can be used with perfect and simple tenses but since is only used with the perfect tenses.


  • Ever & Never
  • Already & Yet (Still)

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