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The Re-education of society – how to reskill

Rethink. Reskill. Reboot

This is the message behind a recent retraining campaign by the UK government. As terrifying as it may seem to be faced with such seismic world rebuilding, it is those that adapt to new circumstances that succeed. So, while you are reprogramming your existence, here is our selection of jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home to either supplement an existing wage or help launch a new revenue stream.

Take Surveys Online

Although not a main source of income, surveys can be an easy way to use free time to make money with your phone or any device. Taking surveys has become so easy that there are multiple free apps you can start with right now. Here are our suggestions:


Transcribing audio or video files is often outsourced by companies, although there are many platforms available, they are often unreliable. The amount you can make from this work depends on how quickly you can type, it is likely you will improve with time as well as developing a portfolio that makes you more desirable.

Try Scribie, following an online test to ascertain your typing speed you can start work immediately. Recruiters offer between €5 and €25 an hour.

Transcribe Me offers what they refer to as ‘the industry’s best rates’ at €15 to €22 an hour.

A good option for foreign languages is Rev which specialises in multiple languages and offers between € 8 and € 15 per hour.


If you have a good grasp of grammar, this could be a good option for you. Also, this work is scalable, meaning that you can spend time finding clients and then outsource the work to other proofreaders, so you can earn money on multiple jobs simultaneously.

There are plenty of freelancing websites to choose from, you can also search job boards such as MediaBistro and JournalismJobs. We recommend the following sites:

Become A Medium Writer

If you don’t have the time to establish a blog or invest in developing a new skill, but you are able to throw together a decent sentence, why not try out Medium. You can start earning money as a Medium writer immediately.

The most successful writers on Medium earn €10,000 or more per month. Although most make around €100, it really depends on the hits that your articles produce. However, if you produce something popular, there is no limit to how much you can continue to earn from your previous content.

Medium gives you the chance to develop a style and develop a niche, you could always go on to start a blog once you have established an audience here.

Online Researcher

If you have experience in academia or are just very adept in researching information, Wonder describes itself as ‘a personal research assistant’ and it could be you behind the research process.

You will need to pass a quite vigorous reading comprehension test first, which has an 85% pass rate, you will then be required to complete a practice assignment.

If successful, you will attend ‘Wonder camp’ and receive $50 for your troubles (training). The role itself pays between 8 and 35 per question researched and answered.

Become a Tutor

If you are well-versed in a given subject and have the ability to carefully explain things, as well as holding a Bachelor’s degree or above, this could be a profitable endeavor.

Chegg provides online tutoring via video call in a wide range of subjects with pay starting at 20 an hour.

Studypool focuses on homework – students post questions they need help with and offer a price, which varies depending on time and difficulty. Studypool claims you could make up to €7,500 a month.

Certified teachers might be interested in the more permanent positions posted on GigEd.

Create A Course – Capitalise on your knowledge

If you know a subject, skill, language or anything well enough to be of value to novices, why not consider building a course?

This is an ever-growing industry as people turn more to online experts. Sometimes, the more niche your area of knowledge the better.

Teachable is a very user-friendly platform with access to thousands of users worldwide. Udemy focuses on technology-related subjects. It is as simple as the number of course users relating to the amount you make, if you can make a series, all the better.

Skillshare provides a much broader range of potential skills bases and is paid by the number of people that watch your videos.

Courses allow you to create a passive income stream, much like with blog content and advertising, once it is created, if it is popular you can continue to make money from it as the audience grows. You may then consider an advertising campaign to grow your audience even further.

There are plenty more ways to make money in the expanding digital landscape, now is the time to learn new skills and adapt.


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