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Promotional prices for flights from Zaragoza to Canary Islands

With the tourism industry facing one of the most challenging periods in recent history, the careful consumer could actually uncover some impressive offers and heftily reduced prices for a much needed holiday. The airline Binter might well be able to provide some convenient and competitively priced flights for people in and around Zaragoza to send you on your getaway holiday.

The airline Binter have launched a promotional offer for tickets on their services between Zaragoza and the Canary Islands. The offer is for reductions to tickets purchased from August 18 to August 31 to fly in the period between September 14 and December 14 . Lower prices are applicable to round trip purchases.

The airline actually connects the Aragonese capital to the Canaries with six flights a week. Monday has an 08.30 am departure from Gran Canaria arriving in Zaragoza at 12.20, returning at 13.00 to arrive in Gran Canaria at 14.50. A further service runs on Wednesday leaving Gran Canaria at 15.05, arriving at 18.55 and returning at 19.35 to land at 21.25.

A connection to Tenerife runs on Tuesday, leaving the island at 08.30 arriving at 12.20 and returning from Zaragoza at 13.00 to land in Tenerife at 15.05.

Price discounts vary depending on the route selected. Binter also fly to other destinations from Zaragoza : Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro.

Tickets can be purchased from, the Binter app, by telephone 902 391 392 and travel agencies.


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