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Frankie says...RELAX

In this session, we explore the different ways in which people relax around the world. How to study English for FREE, at home. Plus, vocabulary, expressions and most importantly your thoughts and opinions.


Enjoy this Kahoot! made with love by the Bulldog team. It includes vocabulary from previous sessions and expressions relating to relaxing and relaxation.

Home study tools

There are times of the year when you simply don't have access to either a teacher or a classroom. Here are our recommended platforms to aid your FREE home study experience.


This platform connects people from all over the world searching for conversation exchanges in almost every imaginable language. The ways you can connect are simple, face to face - which allows you to meet natives or learners in your own city, correspondence - which means you can email or write and chat software which includes Skype, wechat, hangouts, whatsapp and more. Using whatsapp to chat with natives for FREE all day, what a way to practice!


Randall's ESL library is a huge archive of listening materials made by Randall himself. Organised by easy, medium and difficult the exercises include a short audio with multiple choice questions and extensive additional exercises relating to idioms, vocabulary and grammar. A great resource with great potential.

Grammar and reading

Esl Gold has a great selection of activities that you can choose from based on your level. Almost every exercise is accompanied by a video and the opportunity to extend your learning through additional exercises allows for a deep home study experience.

Open debate

Watch the following video from the vintage archives on the 'Science of relaxation'

Stop at the points noted and answer the questions, you can answer in the comments below or in the speaknic forum, start a thread or join an existing one.

PAUSE 1.00 – How can we ensure good sleep?

PAUSE 1.26 – How do you ensure good ventilation for relaxation? Are people less relaxed in hotter or colder countries? What about the wind?

PAUSE 2.03 – do you use sounds to help you sleep? Why do sounds help?

END 2.54 – Does relaxation make us more efficient? How? What does ‘lick his weight in woodpeckers mean?’

Are you ready to relax?

Watch this video and make notes on the strong advice about how professionals relax...

Follow the slideshow and answer any questions in the speaknic forum or the comments below


IN CLASS: Split into groups to discuss the following questions. After 5 minutes stop and move to a new group, with different people. NEW PLACES, NEW FACES. Try to communicate with as many people as possible to benefit from different vocabulary, grammar, accents and opinions.

AT HOME: Try this as a writing exercise, start a discussion in the FORUM or comment below.

1. Why do people relax in different ways across the world?

2. Do we relax/party differently nowadays compared to 50 years ago? What difference does this make?

3. Is the way we record and enjoy social events being destroyed by technology? Do you need to literally ‘unplug’ to ‘unplug’?

4. How will you relax this summer? Will it involve English?

5. Where is the best place to find the mythical ‘party’?


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