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DGA proposal for nightclubs to reopen as cafés

The Aragónese authorities are preparing a new decree for this coming Friday to enable struggling business owners to open their establishments. The plan was announced toady (Monday 7th September) by Víctor Serrano, Councillor for Urban Planning. The proposal is very specific, and on an "exceptional basis", that nightlife venues will be allowed to adapt their licenses to open as a cafeteria, between 6:00 and 1:00.

Clubs must respect capacity restrictions as established within current regulations and Serrano was explicit in warning that "powerful" music equipment will not be permitted to not disturb neighbours.

He also talked of individual responsibility of ordinary citizens after the scenes in El Tubo this past weekend. "We are facing a pandemic...of absolute gravity , frivolities like the ones we have seen this weekend in El Tubo we cannot afford," He also stressed that the coalition regional government was working to ensure such gatherings would not happen again.

This offer is unlikely to garner much support or thanks from the hostelry sector as business owners await the requirements of the "exceptional basis" and will undoubtably be critical of the plan. People do not head out in the late evening to find a cafeteria. The express reference to not disturbing neighbours seems to set out an uncomfortable precedent



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