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Aragón Restrictions: What can't we do now?

The Aragón Government published the latest State Bulletin on Thursday 5th November setting out the new restrictions in place across the region which come into force Friday 6th November.

The existing curfew between 23:00 and 06:00 has been extended until November 30.

Social gatherings remain restricted to 6 people, regardless of public or private setting.

Non-essential services must close at 20:00. Hospitality outlets remain under current restrictions of terraza service only with 50% capacity but take away service for food is permitted until 22:00. The decree allows for further adjustments to this timetable to be made. This 20:00 closing time applies to theatres, auditoriums, cinemas, conference and exhibition halls, museums and libraries but it seems to be permitted that if shows or performances start before 20:00 they can continue until conclusion. That being said, it is unlikely that such activity at 25% capacity is financially viable.

Gyms and indoor facilities are suspended. Outdoor sport can continue beyond 20:00 but if not individual activity, masks are mandatory.

Gambling and Betting rooms remain closed.

Essential services not restricted by this new decree include basic necessity shops, Pharmacies, health centres, veterinary surgeries and pet food shops.

Further considerations of essential services include florists, tobacconists, press kiosks, hardware stores, stationary and bookstores, hairdressers, home delivery services, drycleaners, laundries, hairdressers and beauty salons, machine shops, livestock centres, construction and repair centres and vehicle inspection stations.

This list does not mention the impact on English academies but it has been widely understood that non regulated educational centres can maintain their timetable with a reduced maximum capacity of 30%, providing the activity does not include physical activity such as dance or karate.

Whilst we are already prevented from leaving or entering the city, new restrictions on movement between the Aragón regions are also now in place.

Other regions have ordered the full closure of hostelry, so the sector in Aragón remains on a knife edge for further developments.


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