Video killed the Radio Star

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Bulldog can proudly unveil their new youtube channel which went live this week with two of our feature podcast episodes being given the Video "treatment"!

We invited Earl Bronson, front man of the successful local funk group, The Bronson, to our Man cave to talk all things funk and fashion as the group released their new single The Funky Robot and associated video which became a viral internet sensation in Spain after it featured a cameo from a very well known personality. Watch our interview here:

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We then published our latest Sports show as we investigate the world of girls Roller Derby. We joined the Zaragoza Ladies, otherwise known as "Sicarias del Cierzo" as they took on opposition from Murcia. We even provide you with a downloadable "Sicarias" war cry that you can use as a mobile phone ring tone. You can listen to the show via the soundcloud page or subscribe on itunes, or see the event in full technicolour here:

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