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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

The team stepped out of the Bunker for this episode and ventured into the world beyond our English language haven to the old town at the heart of Zaragoza. It was here that we came across something curiously English stirring in the Spanish bowels of the city, a craze for real beer is rising in popularity and is much welcomed by our ex pat immigrants, weary of Spanish lager and yearning for a taste of master brewing.

We have provided a brief written review of the craft beer scene in Zaragoza in a previous blogpost here but this podcast programme found us featuring first on Hoppy for our beer tasting adventure.

The team are grateful to all the staff at Hoppy for being so welcoming and helping us out in bringing you this programme and we hope it gives you a flavour of the bar and the drinks they serve.

We speak with Santi behind the bar (pictured) who chooses the selection of beers for us to taste and we do so with the help of Diego.

Our latest Dead Air podcast episode is available on youtube.

If you would like to feature on a future Podcast episode please contact us at bulldogzaz@gmail.com in either English or Spanish.

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