Past Continuous 2

Past Continuous Grammar Guide

Rework descriptions and functions in page 1 and here to use timeline explanation to make all easier to understand

Once again, the Past Continuous functions as a narrative tense and is used in tandem with other tenses. Notice this in all functions discussed.

Further Functions

We use the Past Continuous to:

  • provide context for events in the past

  • When one event is more important than another, we can use the past continuous for the less important event and the past simple for the main event

  • The past continuous can provide reason or context

  • talk about repeated or habitual events in the past. This use implies the event/situation was temporary.

  • This structure is only used for "the long action" or "background events".

  • This structure is not used in the same way as used to to talk about things in the past that are no longer true.

  • Deinite time and adverbs

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