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The horrors of Halloween

Halloween is a well established festive occasion in many western countries, but how much do you really know about this annual fancy dress scarefest?

Well, never fear, we have plenty for you here....

The Origins of Halloween

We explore the origins of the Halloween festival are explored in this article and associated Youtube video/podcast. While the modern celebrations are widely understood to be traced to American traditions, the origins go back much further. Learn all about these ancient traditions with our programme here.

The Youtube video is available to watch here or find the podcast via the article or subscribe to our podcast links on  your platform of choice at the top of the page. 

Where the pumpkin comes from

Another curious but well known tradition as part of Halloween is pumpkin carving. Originally Irish and Scottish families would carve turnips but pumpkins replaced them over time. Discover all you need to know about this curious tradition and the ancient story that gives us the character Jack O'Lantern and other dark figures of mythology and the night. The article is available to read here, and the podcast can be found in the article. 

Soundbook -The Signalman

Bulldogz produced this dramatic reading of the Charles Dickens short story The Signalman. A tale that explores some of the haunting themes we explore at this time of year. Often considered a classic Christmas horror tale it is available as an audio podcast or on youtube and an associated article about the author and the events that inspired this classic tale is available here. The article even includes a transcript file to follow the story as you listen.  

Soundbook -The Tell Tale Heart

Another Soundbook recording by Bulldogz, this time The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. A chilling short story charting the descent into madness and guilt from the master of Gothic horror. Perfect for putting the frighteners up you on a dark Halloween evening. The accompanying article with links to podcast and Youtube broadcasts is available here or go straight to the Yotube offering direct from the link next to this text.    

Alternative thrillers on Youtube

We bring you some recommendations for alternative spooky entertainment on the screen for your Halloween evening entertainment. You may need to sleep with the light on. Learn more here

halloween youtube.jpg

Interesting Etymologies :Mythical Beasts

Charly Taylor and his fascinating series on Interesting Etymologies and one episode explored the etymology of various mythical creatures, which gave us a chance to look into the history of creatures such as Zombies, Werewolves, Ghosts, Spectres, Spirits, Mummies and more besides. Find the episode podcast on the article page here, or discover the chilling truth on the video via Youtube!

More Festive Fun

More unnerving stories from British folklore:

Tales from the other side : The Black Dog

Tales from the other side : The Sin-Eater

More Etymological exploration with:

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