Jun 9

The GREATEST British comedy??!!


Edited: Jun 9

Depending where you are in the world the British either have a fantastic sense of humour or no humour at all. As a Brit, I have to laugh when people say we aren't funny.

What do you think of these 'top 10 sketches'...how many do you understand? Are they funny? Or just plain ridiculous.

What British sketches, if any, have released your LoL?


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  • Peepshow follows the lives of Mark and Jeremy "Jez" Usborne, two very different, dysfunctional friends who share a flat in London. Mark is a socially awkward and despondent loan manager with a cynical outlook on life, while Jeremy is an irresponsible, juvenile slacker and talentless, unemployed musician who lives in Mark's spare room. The show utilises 'point of view' camera angles, giving the programme its title. A very funny insight into the post-university lifestyle of the lost. #peepshow #comedy #british #englishcomedy #learnenglish
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